EVAC’s bet, since its foundation, it was the “Taylor-made” production: design and manufacture ventilation and air conditioning equipments to specific needs and special applications.

Keeping engineering as the base of its activity and with more than 30 years of experience and contact with the different air conditioning market players in the design, installation and maintenance sectors, EVAC has the necessary know how to find EXCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS TO SINGULAR NEEDS.

For these reasons, apart from service buildings, EVAC has also a strong presence in the Industrial Ventilations Applications.

Industrial Chemical Filtration Unit

Units specially designed to remove gas contaminants in the air (odour and corrosive gases such as H2S, SO2, SO3, CL2 and NOx).

Especially suitable for places and environments where it’s fundamental to control the corrosive particles in the air, such as electrical boards rooms and several other spaces in the paper industry, cement industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, sewerage and treatment plants, etc.

Air Cleaner

This type of equipment is designed to clean the air particles in the air and is specially intended to be used in industrial environments with high particles concentration in the air, such as some food industries, paper industry, textile industry, etc.