EVAC’s main activity, since its foundation in 1984, is the design and manufacture of air conditioning equipments, with special dedication to Air Handling Units.


Thus, there is a large diversity of available solutions, in the permanent search to satisfy the market and our clients’ needs.

Air Handling Units

An Air Handling Unit applies to any air conditioning process where a strict control of the air conditions is needed (temperature, humidity, filtration and pressure), besides the normal acoustic, environmental and energy efficiency concerns.

Hygienic Certified Air Handling Units

These units are specially suitable for health care buildings, namely hospital buildings (surgery theatres and recovery rooms), as well to some particular industries (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronic components (laboratories and clean rooms)

Heat Recovery Air Handling Units

These units are specially intended to the energy recovery between the air extracted from the conditioned space and the necessary fresh air (outdoor air) to be supplied.

Low Profile Air Handling Units

Compact Air Handling Units, suitable for indoor installation, usually in false suspended ceilings, due to its low height.

Low Profile Heat Recovery Air Handling Units

Just as the range UTA-RP/ UTA-RR / UTA-RB, these units are intended to the energy recovery between the extracted air and the outdoor air, but are particularly suitable for indoor installation, usually in false suspended ceilings.

Hygienic Compact Units

These units are plug and play, compact and hygienic construction, intended to be used in air conditioning systems with higher hygienic demands and/or applications with important space restrictions.

Dehumidification Units

Air Handling Units specially designed to indoor swimming pools, as well to other air conditioning processes where air dehumidification is continuously needed.

Regenerative Units

Air Handling Units, with heat regeneration, appropriated to humid climates, where the outdoor air dehumidification is almost mandatory.

Main features:

Designed and manufactured in accordance with the UTA range, in all its constructive versions
Modular and adjustable configuration
In accordance with the main requirements of the European standards EN 1886 and EN 13053
Ecodesign compliance: Commission Regulation (EU) No 1253/2014 (ErP 2009/125)
Eurovent Certification (versions Plus 50 e ZL 70)